The Winery

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Our winery is located in Coazzolo, a small village in the province of Asti and an acknowledged part of the Langhe.

The lands of the winery have been owned by the Vada family since 1852, when our great-great-grandfather Lorenzo bought a few vineyards in the Corva region and moved from Neive to Coazzolo in the Morra district (today called Osasca). Having passed through four generations of winemakers, today the winery is run by Guido with the help of his father Sergio and his sister Serena.

The property is made up of about 3 hectares of vineyards, with a one-plot shape. The soil is typical of the Moscato zone: white sand characterized by an high presence of tuff. The main grape varieties cultivated are Moscato bianco, Barbera, Dolcetto and a bit of Chardonnay. In addition to this, moved from his enthusiasm and desire to experiment, Guido – along with two friends and aspiring producers, Mattia and Alessia – has started producing the grape Arneis, launching a new brand wine called Ansem (Together, in Piedmont dialect), whose first vintage was 2013.

Our work is made of passion and respect for the soil and the vine itself. Our philosophy is that a good wine is made primarily in the vineyard, through a correct vegetative-productive equilibrium of the plants. We do not use herbicides and we only apply essential treatments with minimum environmental impact. In the winery we aim at obtaining a wine that can express the fruit and the terroir at their best, with the minimum use of antioxidants.

We avoid following fashionable trends, preferring to produce small quantities of quality wines, rich in personality and matchable with a variety of food.