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Our winery is a small family-owned reality, existing since four generations of winemakers. Back to 1852, at the time of our great-great-grandfather Lorenzo, on these hills vineyards were already cultivated and good wine produced to be sell on the market of Alba. Today the activity is run by Guido, with the help of his father Sergio and his sister Serena.

Sergio has dedicated his entire life to cultivating the lands inherited by his father and to producing wines characterized by genuineness and respect for tradition. At the age of 30 he became father of Serena first, and then Guido. A few years later he built the winery where still today we produce our wines. Knowing all aspects of this job, he keeps supporting us every day with his experience, many useful advices and much love.

After trying other professional paths, moved by the love for these lands, Guido decided to continue the work started by his father, making a more ambitious project out of it. Today he is directly and carefully involved in all aspects of the vineyard and winery work, including the selling of his products. In his free time, Guido likes staying with his girlfriend Cinzia and his friends, or he enjoys cycling along the Langhe hills on top of his bike!

Serena’s involvement in the family business started a few years later Guido’s, after she carried out other working experiences. She loves the countryside, these places reminds her of childhood fond memories. She carries out different tasks: in the office, in the winery and vineyard. Being fond of dancing since she was little, she devotes all her free time to Argentine Tango with her husband and friends.

And then there was mom Lidia, called “Ulisse” by her numerous sisters, for her strength, vitality and determination! Her presence is still with us all the time and the memory of her is a source of inspiration and support in all that we do. Especially for her: Uljsse, the wine that won the first awards received by our winery.

Last but not least, how not to mention the mascotte of the winery: our beloved dog, Brichi! He is so funny, if only he could speak! As he is so committed in giving a hand (ehm,  a paw…) in the vineyard work, we may decide to dedicate him a wine in the future, in honor of his friendship and loyalty!

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